Paddock & Guild House Guidelines

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Paddock & Guild House Guidelines

Postby Officers » 28 Oct 2008, 03:43

Paddock Guidelines

To be given rights to manage paddock equipment please speak to an Officer. We have several active breeders in the guild, so please remember that all mounts and equipment must be removed from the paddock before logging off.

Guild House Guidelines

If you are wanting to add a house to the guild house list, please check with an Officer prior to doing so. We try to have the guild houses situated in such a way to help transportation across the World of Twelve Map.

We do require that all homes added to the guild list have the right checked off for teleportation. Members that have a home listed that does not have this function, will be asked to activate the right or remove the home - if we are unable to find member online online (inactivity) we will remove the member holding the house from the roster.

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