Perceptor Guidelines

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Perceptor Guidelines

Postby Officers » 28 Oct 2008, 03:43

Perceptor Placement Policy! or Triple-P as we call it...
  1. All members above the Apprentice rank are welcome to place Perceptor. This includes Guards, Protectors, Recruitment Officers, SiC's.
  2. Full members may place Perceptors for the own personal benefit or to the benefit of the guild.
  3. A full member may place three Perceptors at any given time, with the understanding that one to two must be taken down to make room for other players to use Perceptors, when asked by another member or an Officer.
  4. Perceptors may only be collected by the member that placed them, or SiC. Please clear your Perceptors in a timely fashion. If a SiC clears your Perceptor, a post will be made in the Perc Collection Thread.
  5. There may be players who have been approved to be have additional Perceptors out - if you are unsure or concerned, please contact a SiC.
  6. As member activity increase, the Perceptor Policy will default back to two per person.
  7. During Perc battles we expect our members to treat the opposing team with civility and respect, even when faced with immature opponents. We do not condone trolling, trash talking or any negative behavior during battles.

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