Inactive Member Removal

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Inactive Member Removal

Postby Officers » 28 Oct 2008, 03:43

Inactive Member Removal

We recognize that players tend to leave Dofus often times with no announcement. And while we prefer that our members be involved enough in the guild to feel the need to say goodbye when they stop playing, we realize that this doesn't always happen.

Inactive members take up guild positions that other active members could have, as well as make a big part of our guild look inactive.

And so, if a member of SE hasn't been seen in two months time, the Officers reserve the right to demote that player to the On Trial level, or remove them from the guild completely.

If a player plans to leave for two months but come back afterwards, just tell us and we'll make sure you're not removed from the guild!

The game will automatically remove inactive characters after three months... and we like to defer to this whenever possible.

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