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Hello to Superlatives near and far!

Superlative Exemplar is nearing 11 years old! A number that seemingly parallels the age of Dofus’ players. SE has dropped down to an average of 20 players. I hope that it may rise again one day! I have joined many of the communities in Rushu, and I can confidently say nothing compared to when Superlative was alive and active! ┬áThe conversation was always interesting and led many of us to continue our friendships outside of the game. Over the last year, we have lost several players due to busyness. Jobs, promotions, relationships and lots of other great and important things! We recommended that the few active members that remained to move elsewhere. Recruiting was difficult so it seemed fitting to take a break. A few members moved to Blank, which may be very similar to Superlative and have plenty of recognizable names. A few members moved elsewhere looking for activity, and a some of us have some characters in Superlative still.

Returning players can contact me in game if you’d like to re-join Superlative, or find out where our members moved to!

For an invite to Superlative contact:

Freebee, Sunbathe, ChankD, Shawsheen, Toeplitz