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The streets of Amakna … if you could rightly call them streets in a town of loosely packed houses and temples … were littered with trash leftover from a party weekend gone totally out of control.   Jelly smears washed across the houses, mixed in with trool drool.  It was going to take someone with no sense of smell to come down here to clean up this mess.  Fortunately, that wasn’t me .. I was here to meet our newest recruits and give them the company line.  I sat back, watching the square for our new folks and admired the handiwork of some hero who’d left a boowolf head atop each of the plinths.  That took creativity.

A shadow fell on me and I looked up to see Incognito and his girlfriend Tal.  They’d dressed formally for the occasion, new gobball sets still glowing from the cleaning they get before going to market stalls.  I lifted an eyebrow and they gave me the fish eye.  We’d got off to a good start.  The pair would make a great team .. Iop and Eniripsa.  I stood, shook their hands and gave them a welcome before sending them off to dirty up their new finery.

A cough behind me alerted me to Crit-Pants, the cra who’s also Kilntyme’s son.  Fast to chat up the ladies, he’d be equally fast on the battlefield, I could tell.  I gave him a look at my eyebrow too.  He returned the sally with a boyish grin.

Just then, Teac wandered over and punched Crit-pants in the shoulder.  “Leave the dazzle for the ladies down in  Brakmar’s red light district,” he directed around a pretty large grin of his own.  He reached over to shake my hand and I noticed the tattoo on his forearm.  I  pointed at it with my chin.  “There a story to tell about that?” I asked.  “Just a club” he responded, but I knew I’d seen the mark before.  I’d get the story out of him over Bwork beers some night.

We had a few reasons to hoist a tankard lately … Erfoc marked level 150 and LuckyBaub hit 100.  We’d found Baub wandering, dazed and confused, in the Incarnum daisy fields one night and welcomed him back in to the guild.  His memory is slowly returning, but he does seem to spend a lot of time searching for ghosts, so perhaps professional help is in order.

Another old friend, El-Queyle, stumbled across me one night at the Amakna town zaap while he was on his way to the kolosium.  B movie script plot right there, folks.  Don’t thank me, you can’t make this shit up.  Said B movie would very likely star a sram, dontcha think?.  EQ becomes the only skeletal member in the SE closet.  Not to say that EQ is in the closet, but that could certainly be an added twist for the B movie.  *runs off to jot down possible scenarios*

And that’s our coffee break!  Stay tuned next time as we track down old Joint Task Force members.

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