vio IconRyos’ Turkey Surprise

Ryonix had spent one month preparing for the Thanksgiving Turkey Contest. He had a beautiful purebred turkey that could do amazing tricks, he was sure he would win. 4 days before the contest he decided to read the contest rules, and it turned out that this year it wasn’t a turkey contest, but a Turkey Egg contest. In panic he decided to trade his magnificent turkey for the best Turkey Egg he could find.


Approximate Value=800kk

How to enter:
To enter yourself into the contest you must first obtain a cawwot dofus (turkey egg). Then post a screenshot of your cawwot dofus in the post in the forums. If your cawwot dofus’s wisdom value is equal to the number I chose then you win the prize.

You may only submit 1 cawwot dofus

If no one’s number matches the number I chose then the closest one gets the prize.

You may not submit a cawwot dofus with the same wisdom value as a previous entry

In the event that there is a tie (i.e. The winning number is 45 and a 44 wisdom cawwot dofus is submitted by Person A and a 45 wisdom cawwot dofus is submitted by Person B ) there are 2 options:
1.) One person forfeits the prize to the other player
2.)The person who has been in the guild the longest receives the prize

To ensure fairness I have already pmed the Governors with the winning number.

Contest ends on Thanksgiving, I hope to see all your entries

One Response to “Ryos’ Turkey Surprise”

  1. vio Says:

    Wow! This is awesome Ryo! Good luck to all!
    *The great Viodina foresees many Castle runs over next few days*