vio IconHappy Birthday SE!

Happy Birthday Superlative Exemplar! Established in 2005, SE is one of the oldest guilds on Rushu. 3 years have passed since daLamb founded the guild to provide a safe haven for mature players who believe wholeheartedly in politeness, respect, and friendship. Throughout these years we have maintained the excellent reputation of being a Finest Example… and its time now for celebration!

To celebrate our anniversary we’ve decided to throw a birthday party on the 22nd of September*(Our true B-Day is Sept, but we are celebrating late). There will be free drinks and finger food provided in the guild house at (-56, 7)… what’s that? You can’t actually savour Grawn Fritters or get drunk on Bwork Beer? Worry not, there are other events as well. A birthday party without presents isn’t a birthday party!

That means free prezzies for everyone!

But will you find the presents? The governors have gone into hiding, away with their gifts. Some governors may reveal their presents and even give a hint to their location, others may not. The grand prize is to find Superlative-Exemplar – our leadership symbol. Good luck to all and happy birthday!

*Event at Saturday 22nd November GMT, time as follows:

4PM EST (22nd)
9PM GMT (22nd)
10AM +12 GMT (23rd)

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